Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun in the Sun (2)

HA, I put (2) in the title because I've actually used that title before. LOL o'well...

Today we went up to Memorial park and played with some friends of ours. Both of the babies were sooo good at playing with each other, I think they will be good friends! Little Amelie is just so darn smiley and happy, it was fun to get some shots of the two of them.

This is one of my favorites of Amelie

IMG_2036_edited-1 web

And here is a shirt Amelie gave to Caleb from her store amelie jo american baby boutique check it out! Isn't it sooo cute, I love owls!!

IMG_2140_edited-1 web

See they are good friends already!

IMG_2156_edited-1 web

And this park even had a splash pad - sooo cool!! yeah I left Caleb's bathing suit in the car so we just wore some clothes in!

IMG_2175_edited-1 web

IMG_2170_edited-1 web

If you want to see some more pictures of Amelie check out my photo blog!

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