Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week | DIY Gifts

Teacher Appreciation Week (or Provider Appreciation Week as our daycare calls it) is coming up next week - May 6-10.  Our daycare is actually closed on the 10th for it.  This year I decided to DIY a little something to save some money and put some thought into the gift.  I really hope the teachers like it.

I made these Lanyards, all the providers at the center have to wear their badges, so I thought a pretty lanyard would be nice.  Then I wanted to put something at the end so I printed off this Subway Art that I got from eightteen25 blog that I follow.  I can't remember where exactly I got the lanyard instructions from, but I know I searched Pinterest then kept looking till I found one that I could understand!  I'm definitely a sewing novice, but these were easy enough to make.   The Rough Dimensions for the fabric and the interfacing is 4" by 44".  Then you just attach your interfacing (wrong side) then fold in half (longways) then open it back up and fold both raw edges into the center.   You'll have no raw edges that way to worry about.  Then just sew both sides all the way, and attach in your keyring or whatever, and sew, then flip around so the Raw edge goes in the middle and sew again above your keyring. 

The Flowers are made with scraps and hot glue, and they are removable.  I have a few more I might attach or I might take them off completely, haven't decided yet.

And here's the final product!

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