Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Disney Trip!

Here's a review I wrote up, maybe its helpful, maybe not!

We went to disney Feb 14-Feb 20.

Stayed in a Moderate on property resort (Port Orleans - Riverside). Room was small but fit us okay. I did not like how we had Nowhere to unpack our suitcases, and after rolling in our double stroller we had nowhere to even open up our suitcases except for on top of the beds. We loved the little murphey bed for Cullen, they have bed rails if you ask the front desk and that was awesome.

We got the diningplan free with our deal. We had 6 nights, 4 park tickets (x2 adults + 1 child), plus all the meals (more than enough food, we spent a whole $10 total on extra food, one day for cullen, and then just tips). Our total cost was $2500 + $1450 for Flights (4 people). Our expenditures for toys/gifts/souveniers AND tips was $450, I thought it would be much higher actually we bought a LOT of stuff. We ate at NICE restaurants and had 3 character meals.

What I didn't like... We planned TOO much as far as meals, it takes a long time to get from the parks to places or from your hotel to another hotel for a meal, like at least 40-50 minutes. We had a sit down meal every day and it was kinda difficult with a 2 year old planning for a 5:15 meal, we couldn't do it later, Cullen was asleep as it was at 7pm every night practically.

Weather was good, but not great for swimming, the boys were bummed, but we braved it anyway and went swimming, at night was great it was 55 out but the pools were SO HOT!

NOW the BAD/Ugly:
My camera/wallet and caleb's wallet was stolen day 2 in the parks (at magic kingdom), total lost $4200 (so yeah more than the trip). Its my fault sure, the ONE time I accidentally left my bag in the bottom of the stroller and the stroller gets taken. The stroller was actually recovered around the park, but my bags contents were emptied. I filed a police report and we hope to get insurance to cover it.

- What disney did: Obviously it was a huge bummer because my pictures were on the camera. The day prior we had breakfast at Hollywood and Vine with Disney JR characters. we were able to go back and the restaurant set up a special table area for us to recreate the images. The reason we were able to do that was because our hotel gave us Park Hoppers for the remainder of our visit, which included an extra day of parks.

Disney parks also gave us the DVD of the Disney photopass for free. We actually weren't using it at all because I'm a photographer, so we started using it as much as possible and got about 100 images total from the trip. it was nice that I was in the photos more, but they were kinda crappy quality compared to what I would have had. AND we have ZERO pictures in Magic Kingdom because we just didn't have time to go back during the day.


Hollywood & Vine - GREAT buffet breakfast, loved it.

Jake was their favorite, but they also met, June from Little Einsteins, Agent OSO, and Handy Manny

Kona - eh ok, sit down, order meals, not very many options. I wouldn't go back.

Chef Mickeys - Not good food, but its the 'experience' I personally didn't like it, its character dining (mickey, donald, goofy, pluto, minnie) but the atmosphere is crazy and my kids were crazy and not behaving.

Tusker House - AMAZING, my favorite by far. for breakfast and lunch its character dining (donald) but we went for dinner and it was great! Really good Buffet, and different foods.

Ohanas - I didn't like it. This was where they bring meats to your table like brazilian style. I like brazilian style but I just didn't like the foods at Ohanas.  But they did make a big deal over Caleb's birthday so that was awesome!

1900 Park Fare - Character dining (alice, mary poppins, pooh, tigger) okay breakfast, but I liked hollywood and vine better.

One of the best signature lines was the Toy Story one.  There were little stations to take pictures at while you waited for the main attraction!


And some pictures from the Disney Photopass


And some pictures off my Point and Shoot

Cullen and Caleb both loved watching the Jedi training, although they really did NOT want to do it!

Cullen didn't want to leave the "its a small world" playground

The kids like the safari at Animal kingdom!

And the boys had a blast on the dino ride at dinoland!

Well that's far from all the pictures but you get the idea.  Even though we had some misfortune, we still had a great time in one of the happiest places on earth!  I can't wait to go back!

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