Monday, September 3, 2012

Cullen's Big Boy Room Part 1

We started changing Cullen's room around a little bit.  I'm not quite ready yet to move him out of the crib, and since he's not climbing out, why change that.  BUT we did start working on the new built in look.  After a lot of searching on pinterest for some inspiration, and finding pieces on that looked like it would work, we went out shopping.

But first, the before shot:

Ended up buying 2 - Ikea Malm dressers, 2 - Ikea Billy Bookcases, and 3 - Ikea Expedite Cubes.

Then began the 'ikea hack' we drilled into the bottom of the bookcases and the top of the dresser to connect them with large bolts, then we also drilled both pieces into a stud in the wall to make sure they were super secure.  We still want to do some finishing using some moldings around both units.  The Expedit cubes are just sitting on the ground right now, but we're going to make them into a window bench.  We just have to account for the floor vent so we don't cover that up.

Even though its not done yet, I really like how it turned out.  We can't actually use the drawers on the right yet because of the crib, but even without that we still have a ton of space!

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