Saturday, May 26, 2012


Well we got our garden finished today, added some seedlings, and a few more seeds to our already growing garden. Here's what we hope to grow this year, some are new additions, some are oldies that we love.

Our Strawberry plant, which we started last year.  Last year we only got 2 or 3 strawberries, this year it looks like we'll have a lot more, we'll have to wait and see.

Our grape vine, we actually planted this 2 or 3 years ago.  I think this year we finally see a cluster starting to grow!

Our "salad" garden, we started from seeds with everything except the 2 broccoli plants there.  By the time the broccoli plants get bigger the lettuce will be all gone.

In this garden, from top to bottom:  Row of Carrots, 2 Broccoli Plants, Sweet Salad Mix, Row of Arugala, Row of Green Leaf Lettuce

Fruit/Veggie Garden.  We have a couple seeds starting, but everything you see was bought from seedlings.
From Left to Right:
 - Green Bean Seeds (8 plants)
 - Radish Seeds (8 *to be planted)
 - Back, 4 Watermellon Plants
 - Front, 4 Celery Plants
 - Broccoli Plant (middle)
 - Eggplant (middle)
 - Broccoli Plant (middle)
 - Back, 4 Cucumber Plants
 - Front, 4 Green Pepper Plants
 - Far Right, 2 Tomato Plants (big boy, cherry)
 - Basil Plant

Herb Garden, it it we have Rosemary (we LOVE on chicken and potatoes); Oregano (comes back every year); Peppermint Plant - Cause caleb picked it out cause of how good it smells; We also have 8 stalks of green onions that I got at the supermarket, used up and just plopped in there, we'll see if they grow.  The big thing is a rosebush that we transplanted there way before we ever knew we'd use this spot as an herb garden.

And the one thing I forgot to take pictures of was our Asparagus 'field' lol, we have 2 rows of 23 asparagus crowns/plants growing.  We actually let them go to fern this year, next year we'll start harvesting!  And I can tell we're going to get a lot!

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