Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kitchen Updating

If your my friend on FB you know we've been doing some updates to our Kitchen. We're not completely done, actually we have a lot more to do, but I thought I'd do mid before & afters since my kitchen was nice and clean and I had fresh flowers :)

BEFORE: *Notice - cabinets were raised, and counter extended into a bar.


BEFORE: *and of course the TILE!!!


This was such an easy update/fix, gives us some space to hide things that were normally sitting around our sink!

Things we still have to do:
Finish Tiling - we had to move an electrical box that was somewhat behind the stove so we only did one wall, I wanted to have the main part tiled before the party.
Clean up the tile and finishing touches with outlets/covers
Decorate Dining room (Ignore what's there now, that's up for Caleb's b-day party)
Pick an "accent" color, I'm gonna get rid of the red stuff, I'm thinking White, or just Stainless stuff.
Replace the vertical blinds with something else!


Andrea said...

looks really nice Rachel!

Lori B said...

That made such a difference. Looks good!