Tuesday, November 9, 2010

to (great) Grandmothers house we go...

I love my Grandma! She is such and important part of my life and I want to share her with my sons. I don't get over to her house as much as I should (or want to) but when we do make it over there we have a blast!

My Grandma came up to the hospital when I had Cullen, but as everyone knows babies change so much, I love how Great Grandma and Cullen are looking at each other in this picture, its so sweet!

A little blurry but with my mommy goggles it is an awesome picture! I just love my boys sitting all happy with their Great Grandma, I know they are so lucky to have one in their lives.

Cousins - what kind of a trip to grandma's would it be without inviting your cousin along. Jonah had so much fun with Caleb in the leaves, Great Grandma's house had a LOT of leaves!

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