Saturday, August 28, 2010

The last week as a family of 3!

The last week as a family of 3...

I guess I could tell that our time alone with Caleb was quickly coming to an end, my belly was huge, and although I was so completely comfortable being pregnant, I got a huge burst of energy in that last week.

On Wednesday, August 25th we decided to finally check out the evening at the Detroit Zoo, I had been wanting to check it out all summer but we never got around to it. The Detroit Zoo is open late on Wednesday nights through the summer months, and boy was it fantastic!! We walked practically the whole zoo and saw SOOO many of the animals because the weather was mild and they were all out playing in plain view. I didn't bring my camera on this excursion, sometimes it just gets in the way of good old family time. so that's what we did, spent lots of time as a family.

Our next big family excursion was on Saturday, August 28th. Every year we try to go to the Renaissance Festival and this year wasn't an acception. Sure call me crazy going to walk around about an hour away from home when I'm 39 weeks pregnant, crazy or not, we had fun! Its a special bonus when we are able to go during the can drive weekends. Cause when you bring in 4 cans of food you get a buy 1 get 1 free coupon, thus saving more money for me to spend IN the festival!! Caleb had a lot of fun and again we didn't bring the camera. We might have some pictures on a cell phone somewhere so I'll try to find those :)

Well after the renaissance festival things changed drastically in our tiny family of 3 - we became a family of 4 but I'll save that story for another post!

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