Monday, July 19, 2010

7-19-10 My Maternity take 1

Today I had a lot of fun going out with a couple of my friends. We went to George George Memorial Park in Clinton Township and they took pictures of me in all my belly glory. I was 33 weeks and even though it was hot, I had a blast. Its very different to be in front of the camera rather than behind it. It was very weird not to be able to go home, download images from my card and start editing. I love that part. But I did eventually get my hands on the files and did some edits, they took great images!

This first set is from my friend Lori, her photography blog is here.

Lori 0712 web

Lori 0699 web

Lori 0747 web

Lori 0715 web

This next set was taken by my friend Rachel, you can see her photography blog here.

Rachel 225 web

Rachel 255 web

Rachel 368 web

Lori 0799 basicbw web

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