Friday, April 30, 2010

Laundry Room Renovation Complete!!

So last Friday I began cleaning out the laundry room, see I had already set the stage by doing all our laundry previously in the week. Well Tony wasn't entirely aware of my master plan, well that is until he saw a bunch of stuff piling up in the garage. He was great though and played along, helping me with the heavy stuff and the difficult stuff. By Saturday everything was cleared out of there. I had already picked the paint color, Crystalline by Valspar at Lowes, so I picked up a gallon of that and started the painting. Then Sunday we shopped for the shelving (which I also already had picked out) plus my DIY countertop materials (Tony was skeptical). Anyway it has all finally come together. On to the pictures!

Here's midway through, it was before the counter was done and before I got the final accessories in place. I did finally decide on the darker blue/brown rug instead of the lighter one.

Laundry Room Renovation after

And here's the end result, I LOVE the decal I found on Etsy!

Laundry Room_0003 web

Laundry Room_0001 web

Laundry Room_0004 web

So here's the breakdown of costs:

Paint: $30

Counter: $88.78

Shelving: $200.33

Accessories: $109.81

TOTAL COST: $428.92

Other things I wanted to do but didn't because of cost.

- Put in a new laundry tub with cabinet

- Redo floor

- New light fixture


photomcgee said...

Great job Rachel. I do love your Etsy discovery. Kinda makes the laundry room fun. Sorta :)

BondGirl said...

It looks absolutely adorable! I love it!