Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A time out to brag about my C

I haven't been the faithful blogger that I want to be but Caleb truely amazes me every week so I thought I'd take a second to brag about him.

He now counts to 10! yes can you believe it, it was last week or maybe 2 weeks ago when we were counting with him like we do so many things, blocks, grapes, fingers, really anything that's around. We count while we put on his shoes, we count while we drive in the car, we just count a lot. Anyway last week while Tony was playing with him and while I was preparing dinner, I hear them in the other room, Caleb has been counting to 3 now for a long time, but this time Tony said 4, and Caleb said 5, and it went like that all the way up to 10. He won't count on command but he can do it and its amazing.

Another small thing that he's doing now is making the correct sounds when he plays. Yeah this sounds strange but its so cute, when we play with cars or trucks, its a vrooom vroomm; when we play with trains its chugga chugga choo choo; with animals its the appropriate noises. These 'soundtracks' have always gone on at our house, the difference is before it was Tony or I making the noises, now he'll play by himself and make the noises.

You think that's a lot, well what about this one... He is speaking in 3-4 word sentances, that is understandable by not just mommy and daddy!! I guess I had taken this one for granted b/c he has been doing it for a while now, but my mom mentioned on Sunday when we were over there, that WOW he was using words together, and words like a, the, in stuff like that is usually learned much later than the stock main words. Its really great.

Another favorite activity of C's is playing on the computer. Yeah I know very brave of mommy to let him play on the computer but he's really learning it quickly. We go to www.nickjr.com and let him play the games on there. He isn't quite savy with the mouse yet, and sometimes opening Microsoft Word is where he has tons of fun.

I actually have a picture of C on the computer at his little desk, he loved it. Unfortunately I was lazy and the pictures are still on my camera. Maybe I'll download them tonight and add it to the post.

Oh and a small pregnancy update: I'm doing great, I am starting to outgrow my regular clothes and am finding maternity clothes more and more comfortable. One very exciting thing was at 15 weeks (last week) when not only I felt the baby kick but Tony got to feel the baby kick. That was pretty awesome!

Thanks for reading!

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4Given said...

I'm so glad you are taking time to do this Rachel. You will treasure these notes even more as time passes.I am also very grateful you are sharing them so your mom can enjoy them too!